Welcome to Gudbrandsdalsmusea


Gudbrandsdalsmusea is a regional museum in Gudbrandsdalen with varied museums locatede in the communities.The museum reflects local history, cultur and heritage through thematic exhibitions, archives and open air museums.

Our open air museums are situated in Lesja, Lom and Vågå.

Lesja bygdemuseum

Lesja open-air museum is a place where young and old come together to experie- nce local culture and history through exhibitions and activities. During the summer local volunteers fill our museum area with traditional baking and various traditional crafts. The museum is situated in the heart of the Norwegian mountains national park area, and is a great place for children to run around, try some local baking or crafts techniques or feed the farm animals. Next to the museum you will find Lesja Church, built in 1749, which is famous for its magnificent wood carvings.

Opening hours and directions

Lom bygdamuseum

Take a walk through the open air museum to get a glimpse of life on a pre-industrial mountain farm. Visit the exhibitions and learn about the heavy use of irrigationon local farms which contributed to Lom’s position as one of the wealthiest crop growing villages in the east of Norway.




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